ADRENALINE is Bulgaria based Fashion brand. It started in 2015 with online sales of ladies’ garments, I am grateful for the great interest and for getting here! we do not just make clothes, we design your dreams!

We create a street extravagant style for all ages and sizes, as well as a minimalist style – ADRENALINE is the everyday challenge for anyone who dares to be unique and different and I believe it will be!

Over the last few years, our brand has evolved and matured, and our satisfied customers are multiplying around the world. The explosion in social networking and blogging over the past year has further contributed to the development of our online presence and I would be happy if you shared our projects with your loved ones, acquaintances and friends!

We are constantly expanding our line. From 2017, we started to produce shoes and bags, all of them unique and different. We also started our line ADRENALINE MAN, which will fill up with new unique models!